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What Every University Students Must Know Before Leaving School

Getting into the university usually brings so much joy. The hope of becoming a graduate and maybe getting your dream job in the future looks more achievable. But in reality that is not always so, that is why it becomes necessary to have a plan B if possible plan C as getting a job after school is plan A for most of us.
Around us we see lots of graduates without jobs it’s no longer news that jobs out there are not close to enough. The number of graduates leaving our universities each year suggests the situation is likely to get worse so it is wise for one to have a contingency plan. It is unbearable for someone to spend 4 to 5 yrs in the university and comes out with nothing to hold onto at least to survive. Summiting application letters from one office to the other with interviews that job never follows.
I am not sure what becoming a graduate guarantee these days but I know a lot of things it does not. Personally, I see people; I see graduates, the tricycle drivers, and petty goods sellers in the market just anything to put food on the table. For a country like ours (Nigeria) life for the common man can be terrible at times. A contingency plan can be anything that will fetch you money and is also different from what you are studying in school. I know of students who are doing things very far from what they are studying in school. In a time like this were entrepreneurs are being encouraged and opportunities are staring us in the face one should have plans, think of something.
I’m studying computer science at the university and I have thought about so many things in the past and I have come to settle on the ones I fancy. I observe what is happening in my environment and try to see where improvements can come in. A post like this is as a result of my observations; most students want to wait until after leaving school before they start thinking of something to do other than their dream job or after series of disappointment from interviews they can then start wishing their compass can lead them to something else.
But, I think starting early to think of these things is good as it may be very difficult after school, don’t say time is the
problem after all most us of spending hours watching live matches every weekend. Not to talk of how many hours we spend on social media. If you want to do it you will find the time.
I have a colleague in school that started a tech company. He started it small and gradually he is
getting there, it does not have to be the biggest thing in town when you start it you just start
The least you can do is to share this post let it reach as many young Nigerians as possible; let’s
continue to be good people that we are or better than we already are. Thank you as you share.
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