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Kids and eating disorder - health treatment

Humans need food and water to live. Kids especially need to eat healthy food — and enough of it — to grow and develop. But for some kids, they might hear someone say that food makes them "fat" or they might start to worry about their bodies and how they look — and some kids stop eating right, eat too little, or try to make themselves throw up after they eat. Dangerous Habits Not eating right can make kids sick. Not eating enough food or eating food and then throwing up can cause problems with growing and developing in a healthy way. If this goes on for a long time, kids can get very sick and need to go to hospital to be fed through a tube in their nose. In some extreme cases, people can't stop dieting and get so thin and so sick that it can even lead to death. Why, then, would anyone do it? Well, there isn't just one answer — there are many. Some say it's because there are lots of very thin models and movie or TV stars. We see these people's bodies on TV, the Internet, or in a magazine and might feel that we want to look like that, too, because they seem rich and happy all the time. A lot of us wish we looked more like celebrities or thinner friends — there's nothing wrong with wanting to be slimmer, healthier, or happier. Most kids just enjoy looking at pictures of famous people and seeing them on TV, but it doesn't make them change their own lives. But sometimes this wish to be thin, or assuming that all thin people are happy, can lead to some dangerous thinking and behavior when it comes to food. Some people go on a diet, which means they start eating less food — and sometimes dieting can get out of control. Some kids at school might start competing about how little they have eaten that day. Some brag about not being hungry or not needing to eat. But this can be the start of unhealthy eating problems. Anyone can have an eating disorder: boys and girls, kids, teens, and adults. Let's find out more about eating disorders.
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