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5 mistakes that can stop you from gaining university admission in Nigeria.

5 mistakes that can stop you from gaining university admission in Nigeria.

To gain admission into any university in Nigeria, you must avoid these five mistakes.
Prospective candidates who have passed their Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE) and the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME) might wonder why they are not admitted despite their good grades and UTME scores.

     There are many reasons why students miss admission every year. Many people might think university managements are not fair and transparent in their admission procedures, but the truth is, every institution has its admission requirements and criteria .

1. O Level result combination
          Some schools in Nigeria only accepts one O level result from its admission candidates. So, if you are choosing a school like this for admission, you are expected to use one O level result.
         Candidates seeking admission into a tertiary institution will either use his/her WAEC, NECO result or combination of both. However, there have been questions on whether some universities accept a combination of NECO and WAEC results whereas schools like UI, UNILAG etc don't give admission to those who combine results.

2. Wrong O level subjects combination
          Another mistake that candidate seeking admission to tertiary institutions do make is the wring combination of O level subjects. You have to know the O level subject.
          For instance, if you want to study Biochemistry in the university, you are expected to have at least five credits in your O level result. And this credits must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology. In some schools, the fifth course has to be Physics while in others, any other science subject is allowed as the fifth subject.

3. Age
          The official age for admission in Nigerian universities is 16. Before a candidate can be admitted, he/she must have reached the AGE of sixteen (16) before he/she would be considered for admission in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

4. False state of origin claim
          Falsifying your state of origin is always an issue in state universities where indigenes get bursary and subsidised tuition. Tertiary institutions like
Lagos State University (LASU) take this seriously.

5. Cut-off mark
          There are cut-off mark set upon giving admission in Universities in Nigeria. But the issue is that there are different cut-off marks. For instance, UI cut-off mark could be 200 for Jamb and that of any other University could be 180.
          Candidate seeking admission should try to know the cut-off mark for the institution he/she has chosen.
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