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World Fastest Internet

World Fastest Internet

Hello guys if we talk about the fastest internet we can think of 500mbps, 1 GB, or 5 GB ... but the future of the internet is bright. A new cable has laid down between Virginia, USA and Bilbao, Spain which is named ad marea which means TIDE in Spanish.
The new stretch of this line is between two countries which have proved that this is the world’s fastest internet with a maximum speed of 160 terabits per second (tbps) you just can’t even think of that speed. It means that almost 1milion people can see videos without buffering. The length of this connection is 4100 miles and this is currently the fastest internet between two points.
So the question is how big is the pipe?
This cable has been formed by a joint venture of Microsoft and Facebook intelligence. If there is natural climates example if there is a hurricane or the others cables fail to work than this cable will work as a backbone so that the connection will be continuous. As the backbone of the internet is the cable lying under the seabed which connects one continent to another continent. If there is a cable damage then there could be the problem of internet outdates and this technology will stop this thing from happening.
But the amazing thing is that this is as small as a standard pipe. This is a simple cable which is laid 17000 feet under the sea, And if you are thinking that how did they manage everything then what happened is that they took use of different frequencies and wavelength in one fiber and combining all the fibers, one cable is formed out and they have placed different amplifier which help the signal not be degraded that’s why we are getting best quality of internet over a long distance. That’s why the speed is 160 tbps.
But, in future this speed can be improved because currently we are using infrared technology but if we use UV lights in these fiber optic cables as there frequency is more than infrared rays we could achieve a new record of high speed internet.
But you will not get this internet speed at your home, I mean you will get, but not 160 tbps because millions of people will be sharing, so the speed you will be getting will be of the standard internet speed. Since India is going to lunch 5G soon so this kind of technology is must for speed internet in the country like India which is highly populated.
We used to hear a year ago that NASA has the fastest internet of 99 GB per second but now the past has gone and future has arrived THE WORLDS FASTEST INTERNET WITH THE SPEED OF 160 TBPS HAS COME. It will take time to reach other countries.                                                         
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